With this page, you can provide information about your specific model, before the rifle is added to your arsenal. For every weapon, you can keep a separate log of shots and pages. You will see the information that you provided when you added the rifle on each cover, as well as the amount of shots logged with that weapon. Rifles are sorted by the last date they were used.


Wind Direction uses a simple diagram to allow you to note the direction of the wind. You can also note a custom wind speed. Other features on the Wind page include:

• A wind wheel that allows you to note which way the wind is blowing relative to your current position

• Ability to mark the strength of the wind

• Custom speed section for higher wind speeds or to keep a more accurate log

• Mirage selection with a custom tool that allows you to note the quality and direction of a mirage for a given section. The Mirage Wheel allows you to adjust the mirage with the given wind direction. A Mirage Status also allows you to mark the quality of the mirage.


You will be able to pick from a grid of pre-loaded targets. This should include all of the standard targets used by most ranges. Once you select the Start Shooting button on the Firing Page, you will be brought to the Shot Page. Here you can enter your rifle settings for each shot. You can also mark your call and hit points on the target. Some features of this page include:

• Ability to place pins on the target where your call and hit points are.

• Ability to adjust the elevation for each shot. On the following shots, you will see the change in value from the previous shot displayed in parentheses

• Ability to set the windage for each shot.


When you are using a Hold Over / Under page you won't select a target. Instead, you will have a mil dot sight, which you will use to mark your hold over / under points for each 100 yards. The shot list will now be a yardage list. The next shot will change the yardage by 100 yards. Another big difference is that you will not be given a Pre-Firing Page. After selecting Hold Over / Under, you will be taken straight to the Firing Page. Here you will be asked to enter the Zero Range for your rifle. Yardage fields will already be displayed in 100 yard increments, and the Start Shooting button will not be available. Post-Firing will not include an analysis


The Range Card will display the layout of the range from a top down perspective. It will also show where the targets were placed on a certain day. This page will be displayed in portrait mode when you first arrive. Turning your phone to landscape mode will let you get a better view of the card.


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