Data Books are used by rifle shooters, both sport and tactical, to gather information to match the shooter, their rifle, and ammunition. While most rifles built by the same company are manufactured generally the same, each rifle will perform with slight differences compared to other rifles of the same make and model. Other contributing factors to the way a rifle performs are the location the rifle is being used, the environmental conditions, and the shooter's skill and ability. Traditionally, all of this information is gathered and recorded in a data book, which is essentially a diary for that shooter and his rifles.

Until now, data book information had to be hand filled, and generally requires multiple data books to record information for different rifles. With iData Book, you will be able to record information on multiple rifles, ammunition, and rifle setups. In addition, iData Book will offer all of the standard features of a data book, as well as classes, practice range drills, a yardage marker for setting up targets, and a shot analysis with suggestions to errors that a shooter will be able to correct on their fundamentals.

The iData Book tools section features an angle finder that will automatically give you a corrected for gravity solution. A links page will provide websites for rifle manufactures, ammunition manufacturers, schools and equipment. You will be able to back up your information to an iData Book server so that information that you have gathered will not be lost, and can be retrieved anytime by simply logging in with your user created name and password. You will also be able to share information with other users of the app, as well as post your range drills for other users to use. Information recorded can also be printed out so you will have a hard copy of your data. All of the basic and tedious information will be filled in automatically (i.e.: time, date, location, weather).

Sendit Inc, based in the U.S.A., is a new software application business serving the smart phone industry. In 2010, Owner and Founder, James H. Williams, a former marine scout sniper and current employee of a government agency, recognized that there was an opportunity to provide sport and tactical shooters a better way to become more proficient with their rifle marksmanship. Our iData Book app is made for the sport/tactical long-range rifle marksman market. By offering a data book that will enable you to gather data for multiple rifle systems all in one convenient location, it will alleviate having to purchase and maintain a data book for each rifle you own.

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